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Originally from Leigh High Valley, Pennsylvania, John Williams has called Grand Lake, Colorado his home since 1994. He was first exposed to photography in junior high when a teacher took him under his wing (John insists he was the “cool guy” in the Audio-Visual department). He has been passionate about photography ever since and made it his profession in 1988.

An avid outdoorsman, John considers himself a real-world wildlife photographer. He believes pictures of animals should be taken in the wild, within their natural environment, to capture their true essence. He portrays the world’s beauty as it truly exists, thus his images have not been manipulated (unless labeled as “Fine Art”). He has photographed exotic creatures and landscapes in Australia, Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu and South America, South Africa, Batswana, British Columbia, Alaska and throughout the United States. His next travel goal is to photograph polar bears in Churchhill, far-north Manitoba, Canada.

John also enjoys capturing once-in-a-lifetime events and portraits. His relaxing and engaging style allows his clients to feel at ease, which results in stunning, natural-looking photographs … with some fun thrown in. John loves to use Colorado’s beauty as the backdrop—summer or winter—to create unique images that will be forever cherished. 

His stunning images have been featured in numerous publications and electronic media, most recently xxx and xxx. He is also the official photographer for the Town of Grand Lake, documenting all that it has to offer. Seen a photo of a Grand Lake moose? It’s probably John’s. 

If you’re planning a trip to Colorado, please make time to come to spectacular Grand Lake and say hello to John at his photography studio, located on the town’s main drag. There’s a pretty good chance he’ll offer you a glass of wine as you look around!

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